Ayurvedic Massage

 ∞ More than just wellness ∞ 

In contrast to the classical medicinal how to start writing an autobiography massages the ayurvedic massage follows the course of the body´s energetic channels (nadis) which stimulates and balances the energy flow. The massage is done on a massage table and combines flowing long strokes with punctual stimulation of certain vital points (marma points, similar to acupressure points) and stronger massage grasps to release muscular tension.

The treatment is made with warm ayurvedic oil and lots of love and it´s effects are deeply relaxing and rejuvenating. Through the energy work which is a big part of the treatment, the whole system can come back to its naturalchiefessays.net , harmonic state.



  • deep relaxation of the nervous system
  • stimulation of the blood circulation which helps to regenerate the body´s tissues and organs
  • boost of metabolism (purification & detox)
  • strengthening of the immune system / awakening of self-healing powers 
  • bones get stronger and joints more supple
  • the skin gets clear and shiny (especially through regular treatment)
  • increases vitality and the ability for deep connection with your soul

Ayurveda (ayus = life veda = knowledge, science) is one of the oldest passed down health care systems of the world which roots date back to the VEDAS (ancient sacred indian scriptures).

It contains ancient knowledge of a long, healthy and happy life and is in the first case a science of prevention (health science). 

It is a naturalistic, holistic health care system that delves into the interrelations of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing and offers natural treatments, like for example ayurvedic oil massages.

The massage sessions take place in KAYA LOKA, 12055 Berlin Neukölln

  • 90 min Session (preliminary talk, 70min whole body massage, chill out)      88
  • 120min Session (preliminary talk, 90min whole body massage, chill out)   108
  • back, neck, arms   60min Session with chill out (45min  massage)                 55 €
  • Face, head, neck   45min Session with chill out (30min  massage)                 44 € 
  • Homebooking:
  • if you have a massage table : +36 €
  • if I bring the table:                   + 36€ + Taxi/ Transport

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