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:: Sacred Inner Union ::

“When you make the two one, and when you make the inner as the outer and the outer as the inner and the above as the below, and when you make the male and the female into a single one, so that the male will not be male and the female not be female . . . then shall you enter the kingdom.”
~The Gospel of Thomas

☽°Alchemical ceremony for conscious creators & creatrixes, brothers & sisters, witches & wizzards, queens & queers, unicorns & fairies and all of those who wish to live in unity and an empowered state of inner & outer balance°☾ comiteolimpicovenezolano org

Are you longing to experience greater love, intimacy and connection?

Creation is an interweaving of sacred, complementary pairs in creative union. It is a LOVE STORY, in which we too are meant to love, to be love, and to let love infuse us.

The substructure of the universe is the devotional, erotic longing for union.

The primordial sacred duality  of creation is what we call the (Divine) Masculine and the (Divine) Feminine, the yin and yang, Shiva and Parvati/Shakti, Spirit and Matter, but these two became separated in the human psyche which has created isolation and an imbalance on many levels, individually and collectively.

• What is the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine?

• How do they manifest in our lives?

• How can we work with the healing intelligence of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine to heal, transform and transmute anything that is in the way of us deepening in love and opening to love and deeper connection and intimacy?


The intention of this journey is to create a safe container for us to reflect upon these 2 major sacred dualities within and without, to explore, to listen, to reconcile, to activate and to bring them closer back to union through sacred alchemical practice of breathwork, movement, sound, touch, intention, prayer, meditation, ritual and guided inner journey.

When the body is prepared and the template is activated in our body mind system, once we marry ourselves, we become whole. In our wholeness we can then magnetise our beloveds with who we can practice sacred union, inside of a sacred relationship.

We journey with the support of the heartopening medicine of cacao and music.

Uniting in Oneness through love is the path of tantric inner alchemy, where the Divine Masculine merge with the Divine Feminine creating a third reality: the DIVINE CHILD which is our TRUE DIVINE SELF IN EMBODIED HUMAN FORM, The Horus or The Christ.

We unite our sovereign intentions for the reawakening of our soul´s magnificence and for the good of all humanity.

Balancing our inner feminine and masculine polarities not only brings more harmony, love and intimacy in our lives, it also seeds new energetic blueprints for union in the collective ♡


::: This ceremony is for all. The terms feminine & masculine do not refer to any gender. These are the basic sacred energetic polarities within every human being :::

::: The date is chosen consciously: equinoxes (and solstices) are powerful portals for healing and transformation. On the equinoxes we have a balance of day & night, light & dark, which enhances our endeavors to balance the energies within :::

The evening:

opening circle with sharing and guided talk : as we hardly have positive role models we first reflect upon and share about what feminine and masculine for us is, what are the healed and the wounded feminine & masculine, where are the imbalances, how they manifest in our individual and collective reality, how can we create more balance and how can we awaken the divine feminine and divine masculine within + short presentation the spiral twin chakra system which we later on work with

ceremonial opening with the medicine of cacao

guided breath & embodiment journey :::: alchemical sacred movement & energy work with white tantric alchemical yoga including mudras, bandhas, visualizations, dance, bioenergetic shaking to clear & open the lunar and solar pathways and connect us to the grids of creation

work with the pre-vedic twin spiral chakra system to balance our inner twins (e.g. rootchakra & crownchakra, lunar & solar plexus, throat and yoni/ lingam)

working with ascending & descending energy pathways

ancestral reconciliation meditation (connecting to the ancestral lines of the mother and the father to clear our relationship with the feminine and the masculine)

inner union guided meditation / inner marriage

collective forgiveness & honor ritual as a group exercise

gentle integration in savasana

closing & sharing

  • optional cuddle puddle

When: 21.09.2019   19h – 23h

Where: Kreuzberg Yoga, Lübbener str.9, 10997 Berlin

Energy Exchange : 44€ (a deposit of 20€ is asked to save your spot)

What to bring: bottle of water, comfy clothes, pen&paper, open heart, empty stomach (link: cacao) a powerful intention

Cacao Ceremony: Sacred Inner Union

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